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Articles about Elvis Presley Read all about Graceland, view videos of Elvis at Graceland and many photos

The view from Elvis' upstairs bedroom window ... 2008
The view from Elvis' upstairs bedroom window ... 2008.

The unique association between Elvis Presley and Graceland, his home in Memphis, Tennessee, for more than 20 years (1957-1977), is so powerful that Elvis and Graceland are essentially interchangeable.

Elvis' outstanding career spanned more than 20 years, crossed three pivotal decades, and encompassed three separate phases, but they were all variations on a lifelong theme of music. Early on, Elvis became known around the world by his first name alone, a universal recognition that still prevails in the twenty-first century.

Elvis Presley's Graceland - 3764 Elvis Presley Boulevard
Elvis Presley's Graceland - 3764 Elvis Presley Boulevard.

For Elvis Presley, 1956 was a year like no other. In January, he was a regional sensation, but by year's end he had become a national and international phenomenon. He made his first two albums for RCA (both million sellers), appeared on national television 11 times, signed a seven-year contract with Paramount Pictures, and stared in his first movie, 'Love Me Tender'. Elvis' appearances on national television were pivotal events for America because his unconventional appearance and performing style caused nationwide controversy.

Elvis Presley outraged adults, mesmerized the teenagers of the new youth generation, and soon became the leader of the cultural revolution sweeping across the country.

The Presleys bought their first house in 1956, a modest three-bedroom ranch-style house on Audubon Drive in east Memphis, but it did not meet their needs for very long. In March 1957, they purchased Graceland.

Articles about Elvis Presley Read all about Graceland, view videos of Elvis at Graceland and many photos

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